In the far northern reaches toward the Crown of the
World, the land and its people become harsh and
unforgiving. Winters are long and deadly here,
forcing common folk to scratch out a sustainable existence
from near-frozen soil during an all-too-short spring and
summer. All the while, the lords of the land plot in their
keeps and strongholds, jealously eyeing their neighbors’
domains. For centuries, the firm and forceful hand of
Choral the Conqueror’s lineage has held these nobles in
check, but in 4699 ar, the royal house of Brevoy vanished,
leaving the kingdom in turmoil. House Surtova took the
contested crown, yet not all of Brevoy agreed that the new
king had the right to rule. In the decade that followed, noble
ambitions burned hotter even than the hearth fires working
to drive away the chill of winter, and now all of Brevoy lies
on the edge of civil war.

Brevoy at a Glance

Brevoy’s government is a heredity monarchy ruled by a
king, although many (particularly those dwelling in the
southern region known as Rostland) privately contest the
current king’s right to rule.

Terrain: Mountainous and rocky plains to the north,
rolling hills and grasslands to the south, with a large
region of forest in the east. Brevoy’s highest point is Mount
Veshka in the north-central area of the nation. Its lowlands
are centered on Lake Reykal in the south-central region.
Capital: New Stetven (population 32,850)
Notable Settlements: Grayhaven (population 5,880),
Port Ice (population 13,260), Restov (population 18,670),
Skywatch (population 6,590)
Ruler: King Noleski Surtova
Languages: Common, Hallit, Skald, Varisian, Draconic
Religions: Abadar, Erastil (rare), Gorum, Lamashtu
(outlawed), Pharasma
Imports: Spices, cloth, exotic curiosities
Exports: Grains, fish and shellfish,
timber, iron, copper, fur, salt, liquor


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